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Web Design & Development

Online marketing has become fiercely competitive these days. It does not matter whether you run an online or offline business anywhere in the world; you need a website to win and gain more customers.


Why Do You Need a Website?

Even when you are not working, your website is working and your site communicates with the prospects and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers come to know about your products/services through your website at their convenience. If you want to make your site to communicate accurately, it should be visually striking, responsive and highly functional. A stagnant and dull site cannot achieve your business goals. What do all these aspects convey? The simple answer is that you need a website that will grab user attention and make them use it. Browse our web design portfolio.




Why hire Smart Marketing?

As a trustworthy custom web design & development company specialized in marketing for the Hospitality and Travel industry, we help you to build a fully customized, appealing, and user-friendly website for your boutique hotels & resorts, luxury villas, yachts, and more. Our web design and development services differ because we offer:


1. Aesthetics

Several aspects contribute towards making a site visually striking and aesthetically appealing include theme, color, font, background, and graphics. We blend all these elements in a harmonious manner to come up with a cohesive layout that offers an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors. Our designers also focus on making your site look neat and clean and, the visitors can read and understand the content in a hassle free manner.

2. Updated, relevant and original content equally appealing to both search engines and human beings.

In online marketing, content is king. The information that you provide should be highly useful and beneficial for the visitors and, the content needs to be properly keyword optimized as well. We combine all SEO techniques creatively to come up with superior content and it will be equally appealing both to search engines and human beings.

3. Optimal functionality

If your website is not functional and dynamic, you cannot generate traffic. That is why Smart Marketing shows utmost commitment towards making your site fully functional and we offer smooth navigation, suitable graphics, clear buttons and seamless flow of text to keep the visitors stay focused.

4. Effective link building strategy to win credibility

We help you develop strong links with authority sites that add a great amount of credibility to your business. Visitors always look for the value of information and our link building strategy clearly focuses on this important aspect of utmost accountability.

5. Responsive design

More and more people have started using smartphones and other mobile devices to conduct online searches and our experienced professionals create mobile-compatible websites to suit the requirements of mobile browsers. In other words; we offer you a highly responsive design that makes visitor experience highly enjoyable.

6. Appealing and dynamic logos

Our design elements always complement your branding efforts and we also help you develop an appealing and dynamic logo that captures the pure essence of your business.


Other key components that make our services highly result oriented

We design and develop websites based on the unique nature of your business, product and services. Our skilled and experienced professionals are vastly experienced in creating a wide range of websites, ranging from fully customized ecommerce sites to WordPress Blog content management system (CMS) websites, Joomla, Drupal, HTML, etc. SMART Marketing also explores the unlimited possibilities of multimedia elements to enhance the experience of the visitors in the best possible manner.


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