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Video Production & Marketing

Videos rate higher versus images and have become the primary means of communicating in the world wide web. Because of this fact, we believe that high-quality videos will bring your business to the very next level; helping to increase your sales and improving brand awareness.


Smart Marketing Asia offers a broad range of video production and marketing services, with the primary goal of bringing your brand or business to your target market. Our bespoke services include high definition videos such as company profiles and customer testimonials that reach a wide number of audiences. We specialized in creating videos for boutique hotels & resorts, private luxury villas, and luxury yachts & jets. Watch our video portfolio.




Web user’s attention span have become smaller and smaller, and it’s crucial to grab their attention in seconds before they lose interest and move on to your competitors. The fastest way to capture their interest with very little effort is through a high-quality video that evokes emotion. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, the next step is to show them a brief and concise presentation about your products or services. Simple as that.


But not every video can give you your much-needed results. Our team of experts have years of experience in the field of video production and marketing, and they know exactly what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating stories and images that produce results.


Our vast range of services in the hospitality and travel industry marketing have honed us in this niche, and we know exactly what your target market’s interests are. Aside from creating top quality videos, we also offer video advertising and promotion – delivering highly targeted ads in social media, in blogs, and other related websites, whether locally or globally.


Our team of experts are highly successful in producing, distributing, optimizing, and marketing high-quality videos, whether you need live action interactive videos, motion graphics, animation, and visual tours of your products or business.


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