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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the world of marketing changes, so does the need for the employment of those that are well versed in search engine optimization (SEO). A company that is expressly good in SEO will not only ensure first-page landing in search engine results, but it should also help generate sales and grow the business.


Proper SEO includes analyzing of the individual needs of a company and the purpose of its website. This also includes analyzing the market or target audience. Once this has been completed, the marketing plan for the company and its content strategy can be developed and implemented in a manner that is fitting to the need of the business and its target market.


Every website has its unique set of SEO requirements and needs. Some company websites can find benefit in paid advertising whereas others garner benefit from the generation of organic traffic through content marketing and social media marketing. There is no one size fits all in SEO. Therefore should an SEO company attempt to deliver generic information or services to your business, they need to be bypassed.



There are two main factors in performing search engine optimization for a website; onsite & offsite optimization. Onsite optimization refers to the elements that can be controlled directly from website keywords, links, text and code. Offsite optimization refers to external elements that include links that are external but lead back to the core site. This method is able to generate organic traffic from other sites with the links also referred as backlinks.



Onsite optimization requires that the following must be analyzed: the general website structure, code and text. There are many ways you can do for an effective onsite optimization, but below are some of them:


URL Structure – The use of simplistic URL structure with descriptive words that are short but relevant to the website.

Key Phrases and Keywords – Content is created that include pertinent key phrases and content.

Title Tag – Titles are to be created so that they are descriptive as well as unique and strategically incorporate keywords and/or phrases

The Body and Structure of a Website – The main content of the site is one of the most critical areas in regards to the focus of optimization for the business. Additionally, the structure and body directly influence a websites rankings and more.

Anchor Text – Web spiders and users are able to deduce the sites that your company is linking to.

Alt Tags and Images – Alternative tags and texts are to be expressly used in regards to the accompaniment of all images.



Offsite optimization is identifying how a company’s website is linked to external pages.


– Backlinks obtained from authority and reputable sites

– Content gathered from backlink sites that is relevant to your company’s website.

– Social signals, and more…


The most important element within the realm of SEO is the increasing of a websites ranking. This will increase the visibility of the website which in turn results in an increase to organic traffic. There is not a business that is currently viable that can afford to not employ SEO marketing and optimization. Especially since commercials and ads are not as profitable as they used to be.


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