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About Us

The role played by marketing companies these days cannot go unnoticed. The internet has become the backbone of many businesses anywhere in the world. But how do you get started? How do you determine which company to hire to help you with the efforts of building your website, increasing the ranking, getting more traffic, and finding converting customers online?

Who is Smart Marketing Asia?

Smart Marketing Asia is the leading marketing firm in Asia offering bespoke marketing services to businesses in the Hospitality & Travel Industry such as Hotels & Resorts, Luxury Villas, Private Yachts & Jets, in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives, Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.


When offering our services, our goal is to see your company grow. Online marketing or internet marketing is one of the many ways we can help achieve your goals. SMART Marketing is specialized in building appealing and easy to use websites, writing and providing high-quality relevant content, optimizing websites for the search engines, and make websites rank on the first-page search result. We can also help in the production of original marketing materials such as professional photos and videos.



Our firm offers a wide range of marketing services with logical and honest strategies that will make a website rank among the top in search results. We provide a number of services which are as follows:

– Production of Marketing Materials (Photos & Videos)

Web Design & Development (See our Portfolio)

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content Writing and Marketing

Paid Advertising

– and more…






What makes SMART Marketing the right company to work with? We take pride in the following attributes:

– We have been providing marketing services for many years

– We are revered as one of the most reputable firms

– Our company offers a wide range of services

– We boast a team of dedicated and highly trained marketing specialists

– Our services receive positive reviews regularly



Since establishment, we have helped many clients from around the world. Our speedy yet reliable service gives companies the much-needed exposure within a reasonable period of time. We receive positive comments because of our dedication and commitment to delivering the highest quality service. Our clients are content with our openness, honesty, and transparency. We always take time first to understand a customer’s desires. After that, we come up with the right strategy and solution, not forget to keep them informed.


You don’t have to wonder why your website never ranks among the top. You don’t have to lose sleep thinking about strategies that will expose your company. Also, you shouldn’t allow your competitors to snatch your customers.


Don’t let your competition swallow you. Take the right step today! Contact Us.