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6 Main Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use WordPress

Posted by smartmarketing in Uncategorized 04 May 2012

What Is WordPress & Why WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) popularly used for blogging. However, the system can also be used for more than that. It can be used to create a blog, a website, or both. In fact, it is one of the best tools that people can use to get their websites up and running in only a couple of minutes or hours.

Today, many people are turning to WordPress for business use. With the cost of webmaster services on the rise, it is more economical for business owners to manage their own websites without having to rely heavily on hired professionals. With WordPress, even small business owners can have their own business sites or blogs without the need to spend a lot of money or learn how to code.

6 Reasons For Businesses to Use WordPress:

  1. Free – The software is an open-source content management system, therefore, does not cost a penny.
  2. Easy to Use – Installation takes a few seconds and the system allows users to easily input content or update them.
  3. Wide Range of Templates – There are so many professional templates or WordPress themes you can use for your WordPress website or blog. There are free WordPress themes designed for specific types of businesses and there are easier-to-manage paid templates as well.
  4. Hundreds of Free Plug-insWordPress Plugins are tools that provide additional features or functions for your website or blog. You can find many plug-ins which can help you manage your website better than ever.
  5. Flexibility – WordPress is a very flexible CMS. It can be used to create sites for product information, company profiles, personal profiles, job boards, invoicing platforms, and many more.
  6. SEO Ready – WordPress for business allows you to create sites that can be easily optimized for the search engines. This means that you can get free organic traffic readily as compared to other websites using different content management systems. Search engine optimization has never been this easier. Thanks to wordpress.