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5 Ways To Get More Customers Through Online Marketing

Posted by smartmarketing in Email Marketing, Offline Marketing, Online Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Small Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing 24 Jun 2012

So you’re starting up your own business and you have done all the preparations you need for the soft launching scheduled soon. You think you have covered everything as this business is worth your lifetime savings, so it really took a lot of planning and careful preparations from your end. You simply cannot fail this or you know where you will be, if you did.

Apart from the physical preparations required for startup businesses, the main concern a business entrepreneur would have to be giving more attention is making sure that customers will start flowing into the store right after the launch. This is a super big reason to worry about – enough to give you sleepless nights and a dose of tranquilizer to calm your nerves.

But worry not. With the advent of technology, there are far too many ways you can do to help your business achieve its financial goals. Ever heard of online marketing? This tool is powerful, effective and can give you results instantly, if you know how to use, maximize its power and inject creative and innovative ideas to ensure optimum results.

Check out these 5 simple internet-based ways of getting more customers. They are not techie-complicated. If it is, simply hire an online marketing outsourcing company.

1. Create a Website

Every business nowadays will simply be on the edge with a company website. Millions of people browse the internet every day. People find their needs – information, products, services, etc., basically through a quick Google search on the net. Just imagine how many people will be viewing your web page at any given time, if you have taken a step ahead and created a website for your company.

The design of your website should be clean and eye-catching in terms of images and text content. No one would stay 10 seconds on a website that’s purely textual in appearance. In the same manner that a website with just images sprawled on the page could mean nothing to those who are viewing or looking at it.

Nowadays, people are getting more creative by utilizing infographics as a way to inform online viewers of what the company or business is about. The images will make it easy for viewers to understand the text content. And the text content will enhance the message being conveyed by the pictures. Neat, huh?

2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engine (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. How will it help your business? Simple. People do their search and queries via Google or other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Blekko, Conduit, MyStartSearch, etc.). They typed in keywords for the information they are looking for. Clicking those keywords would bring them to different sites which may have content or information relevant to the typed keywords.

There are 2 types of search engine optimization – on-site and off-site optimization. The on-site optimization may require a bit of a coding skill as this is done through manipulating your content and links within your web pages, so that the search engines can crawl and give it a good rank. The off-site optimization, however, can be done by anyone with no programming skill or whatsoever. The work focuses on building backlinks from other websites that can be done through, exchange of links or reciprocal linking, blog posting, guest blogging, comment/forum posting, and social media sharing.

Other than link building, having a good product, with good content on your website will help you get a good rank on search engine page result (SERP). It is recommended that your website must have a link plan and you must determine what those links are.

3. Engage in Online Advertising (PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Etc.)

Make use of online advertising to drive sales traffic to your business. Online advertising can give you global mileage in terms of the expanse of reaching to customers.

Affiliate marketing is marketing based on performance where a business gives rewards or payment to an affiliate or another party responsible for bringing in customers or visitors to the site on their own efforts.

This can be much likened to referral marketing where referral fees are given to those who can refer customers to your business. In online advertising, there are marketing tools available to monitor visitors or customers driven to your site or business, e.g., Pay Per Click (PPC), email marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), display advertising. One of these tools or methods will be applicable to your business.

Compared to traditional advertising methods, PPC for example requires a small investment on your part as you determine how much you are willing to spend for every click of your ads. This is small compared to the return you will be getting out of each click because each click is a potential customer.

4. Build Your Social Presence (Social Media Marketing)

The best way to get yourself visibly active and well-circulated is by having a social network account, like Facebook or Twitter, etc. However, being on social network does not stop from registering an account. For your business, you should maximize the advantages presented by social media networks by keeping the contents updated and engaging in conversational interaction with friends of the business.

Don’t confuse your personal profile with the business profile. The best way is to create a Facebook Page for the business and not a profile page. This will in effect separate your personal information from that of the business.

Another way to make the presence of your business felt is via YouTube. An informational video uploaded on YouTube will get more people aware about your business. When launching promotions or social events, make videotaped announcements and upload on YouTube.  Similarly, video tape any company-sponsored social or corporate event and upload it on YouTube so that more people will get to see what your company or business is busy or active with.


5. Consistently Create Quality Content (content or article writing, video creation, infographics, etc.)

People browse the internet for a variety of reasons. When they see some good material published on the net, they take time to read and find out more if it interests them.

By consistently writing good content for your website or a blog, sharing information about the business and its benefits, for instance, will get some people interested and eventually check out what the article is talking about.

This is where your creativity should come in. An article, an informational video, infographics – any of these will somehow push the reader to go on and find out more about the business.

Make your business’ presence felt by participating in forums and blogs, where you can contribute useful information sought by other people.  Be genuine in providing answers to questions that need help which your business can provide.

You see, all of these tools do not require special skills or know-how. They are quite straightforward and easy to do. However, in case you are not confident about doing them, there are plenty of people in the planet who can help you with that.

Bottom line is, start implementing any of these tools and get good results fast. You wouldn’t want to lose those precious customers because you dilly-dally, would you?